Erez Bergman

Erez Bergman

Managing Director

During my time with SearchPath, I have found my niche in the recruiting industry. From working with prospective clients and candidates, I’ve been able to develop a philosophy that allows me to understand who really fits a position. Being a recruiter has taught me about many industries that I was not previously aware of and allows me to appreciate a candidate for each quality that they bring to the table. I am very passionate about sports, spending time with my family, and traveling. Each allows me to expand my knowledge and network, which has proven to be very beneficial during my time as a recruiter.

About Me

I have a passion for our local Cleveland sports teams. I enjoy some things like Cooking, Ironing, Sitting poolside on a nice Cleveland summer day.

My Education

Cuyahoga Community College

My Experience

My recent success includes the hiring of very influential candidates for a growing private equity firm in Cleveland. I helped fill upper-level management positions for their portfolio companies around the Midwest within the manufacturing industry.